Meet The Founder

I have always had a love of fashion, exploring vintage shops, and little quirky boutiques and markets when I get to travel. I lived in Sydney for a few years before moving to Dublin and then back home to Belfast and just like the travel bug never left me neither did the idea of bringing a bit of the fashion I had come across around the world to Belfast! I have been really lucky to travel and I love seeing other cultures styles that I am constantly inspired by.
 After attending a lot of weddings, and chatting to friends and other women about the dresses they wore once and left in the wardrobe, I finally plucked up the courage to start my own dress rental service.
My hope is to bring high end, head turning dresses, that I have handpicked from Designers around the world to help my clients feel confident and beautiful and know they will be the only one wearing the dress of their dreams, for a fraction of the price of buying while also saving some space in their wardrobe!

Why rent a dress?

Head over to my social media channels to find out the environmental effects of fast fashion (its mind blowing) and see why dress rental is on the rise.

Here are my top two reasons to rent:

1. GIRL MATH = You can hire a beautifully made high end designer dress for a fraction of the price 👛

2. You will look and feel a millions dollars, while doing your bit for (your wardrobe) and the environment ♻️

  • Browse Online

    Browse online at the beautiful designer dresses available for rent & sizes I have in stock

  • Book an appointment

    Book an appointment to try on the dresses or dresses you like, you might surprise yourself when picking!

  • Rent & Return

    Let me know how many days you need the dress for, pick up the day before the event and bring back the day after...and remember dry cleaning is on me!